KIM Siyeon

    © 2009-2023

    Aura Room
    Laser Beam Projection, 1' 34''
    Originally presented in Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art 2021

    A room is made within a room, and laser light is trapped in a monitor.
    Light is in both darkness and quietude.
    Light was regarded as a material without weight, prejudice, or presence as well as something that can best represent the allure of the void.
    The direction of light heading somewhere represents the movement and severance of relationships in society, a continuous flow of closure, and 'me confined to a space.

    Innumerable lines and lights that exist in a plane are defined in a confined state. Lights travel in the same direction but are interrupted and refracted. Which make us experience the disconnection of movement and the continuity of closure. This work touches on respective emotions conveyed by light on an island in an island, a room in a room, or the space where one is left alone.

    consisted of laser projection mapping (innumerable lines within the plane are defined as being trapped).
    Although it seems irrelevant to the place, the voices ultimately represents each space formed by minimally composed lines and surfaces.
    The laser light was locked inside the monitor. I want to presnet constantly this images are connected to the outside world, but this space is a space of isolation.
    People can't get out of their own space, and the time to bump into the closed space increases.

    I wanted to use a material . I thought that could best express the vacuity of the empteness, it is also a material without a sense of weight, prejudice, and presence.
    I wanted to visually compare the characteristics from the boundary between the media without physical properties and the sculptures with physical properties to the smoothness of the surface and the space hidden in the back.
    The aura room was a cube to show solitude in a minimal way.

    It also express concerns about a space alone with each aura, a network with the outside, connection and disconnection, ignorance and disgust, and social relationships that are regenerated.
    The artist's narration captures the image of each individual trapped in a limited space where time and space intersect, a monitor, and a room, now, here and now.
    Aura Room, a space where only light and sound exist without substance, a device for experiencing an unobtainable aura.

    The light image repeats the process of being multiplexed or unified with points, lines, and planes.
    The video is repeated as images of a simple concept by connecting the voices. The image becomes clearer as it is repeated. But this is a fake, not real. Where is the real?
    While asking this question, we may once again be isolated on the 'stranger' boundary.
    In darkness with silence, there is light.

    A space where only light and sound exist,
    The aura room is a space(or device) for experiencing the aura.

    '방 속의 방'을 만들고, 모니터 안에 레이저 빛을 가두었다.
    어둠과 고요 속, 그곳에 빛이 존재한다. 무게감, 편견, 존재감이 없는 재료,
    그리고 空의 매혹을 가장 잘 표현할 수 있는 재료로서 빛을 생각했다.
    어딘가로향하는 빛의 방향은 단절, 굴절을 통해 사회 속 관계의이동과 단절,
    폐쇄의 연속적 흐름, 그리고 공간 안에 갇힌 나를 표현한다

    면 안에 존재하는 수없이 많은 빛과 선들은 갇힌 채로 규정된다. 빛은 하나의 방향을 향하지만, 단절되고 굴절되며 이를 통해 이동과 단절, 폐쇄의 연속성을 경험한다. 아우라 룸은 섬 안의 섬, 방안의 방, 혼자 남겨진 공간에서 빛이라는 재료를 통해 전달되는 각자의 감정을 이야기 한다.