KIM Siyeon

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    My Name Is O90, 15', XR, 2023

    It is an XR film that raises questions about the relationship and beliefs that AI robot dogs strive to uphold.
    It explores the final journey of AI robot dog O90 and asks what should accompany us in the face of advancing technologies that closely intertwine with humans.


    2023              My Name Is O90, Official Seclection, Venice International Film Festival
                       Press previews will be held on August 29 before opening exclusively for press
                       industry on August 30.
                       The public and all other festival accredited visitors will be able to see the program
                       between August 31 and September 9 2023.

    Production Note

    Both the Wizard of Oz and Pinocchio are non-human entities with human hearts. I imagined an eternal heart that was programmed just a bit differently. O-90 is a robot dog that is programmed to have strong belief.
    My Name is O-90 is a fairy tale about belief shown through the character of an abandoned robot dog, and a conversation that is played out over a journey. It examines the emotions of loyalty, love and memory through the changing relationship between humans and an aging device.


    In the year 2047, the robot dog O-90 equipped with artificial intelligence wanders the alleys, having been abandoned. The number of abandoned robots continue to multiply, and among those disposed of robot dogs and cats, there are some who lead a semi-permanent existence by stealing the city’s power. For many years, O-90 too has wandered the city, seeking out recharging cables that allow him to steal energy. The city, meanwhile, begins to employ searchers to dispose of such robots.

    One rainy night, the AI pet dog O-90 wakes up with his charge running low. He heads to the city to recharge himself before daybreak. Having wandered for many years, the old robot’s legs creak when he walks. He passes through a long tunnel, thinking as usual that this could be his last day wandering the city. O-90’s data was not erased, so he continues to remember his friend. Therefore like a habit he goes around looking for his old friend (master), with whom he spent all his time before being abandoned. He has gone several times to his old house, but his friend was nowhere to be seen, and a newer model of robot dog was there. For a long time he wanders, feeling alone. But today, he is not alone. So he speaks excitedly and dances. While running away from wild dogs, he falls into the water and one leg snaps off. Finally, his memory falls into the hands of a searcher.

    A robot such as O-90 studies and comes to desire memories, a heart and emotions.

    Director’s Intention

    Wouldn’t the human heart also remain unchanged forever if it were programmed to remember like a robot? And if so, wouldn’t there be undying love in this world? These were the questions I asked myself. In this way, I wanted to walk in the shoes of O-90 during his long journey, during which he is unable to forget the feeling of being abandoned. This animation can be viewed in two different ways: in 360 mode, or in 6DOF set to room scale. With this film I wanted to talk about finding one’s own way, and walk together while discovering a new path through a landscape of abandonment, and coming to meet someone who I wanted to remember.