KIM Siyeon

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    The image of the city depicted as a point cloud, rendered by scanning the city with a 3D scanner, seems to be packed with particles of dust, an ethereal hallucination in a virtual world.

    Departing from the boundless universe of data, we set our foot on one narrow street of Seoul. It felt even smaller than a dot.
    The entity you come across may be a joyful rhythm beating inside your heart, a lonely rhythm standing unaccompanied or a hectic and restless rhythm that always has to be somewhere, anywhere but here.

    VR Lost embodies such rhythms.

    We may seem to be lonely beings that stand in the middle of the city, lost, without any inclination of where to go or how to get to another place.

    We are the people who reside in the same space, yet we never come across each other. Aren’t we all just a little dot?
    We hope this time has provided you with the opportunity to think about living together with others, co-existing with others.

    LOST : VR Film Trailer_Version Française
    ⓒ 2018