KIM Siyeon

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    Urban Desire: Life - the Visual Metaphor for Observing the City

    The 8 Universes

    Production ARTKLab
    a film by KIM Siyeon, PARK Seoeun

    I thought about the multiple meanings of the space called home, the implicative aspect of the space called the city, the meaning of living in it, and the flow of life that is determined regardless of the initial intention even though the planned city was formed for the purpose of the human.

    So, I gathered images that best represent the ways that urban societies function, and that architecture influences cities and their causal relationship.

    Guryong village, comprised of short childhood memories about the undeveloped space,
    I looked into the repetitive flow and the same type of urban planning found in the disappearing reconstructed space, such as the newly built apartments in Dunchon KNHC Apartment or the newly built apartment buildings in the Eunpyeong District.
    In the meantime, I didn't want to miss the worries of the people that had been buried, the idea of moving, home, ownership and renting, and the sad emotions that stem from them all.
    Along the way, I encountered moments when I wondered, whose plan was it, when the mechanism of the city that constantly moves in one direction, and everything from the distance to the traffic are all planned processes.

    There was a moment when the forgotten memories, the flow of the air, and the time that has disappeared came in the name of 'X (exist) being' and that comforts me.

    I wanted to ask questions about the disappearing places, and the time that disappears along with them.

    I wondered whether I could interpret memory, time, and space as a being.
    Hopefully, it renders the people the time to ask those questions themselves.

    The 19th Seoul International NewMedia Festival 2019
    Selected Museum Collections · National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, 2019