KIM Siyeon

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    Love : Sous L'eau 사랑 : 수면아래

    Provided by
    한국영화진흥위원회/Korean Film Council

    Produced by
    한국영화아카데미/Korean Academy of Film Arts


    Produced by
    박서은/ PARK, Seoeun

    Directed by
    김시연/KIM Siyeon

    Written by
    KIM Siyeon, PARK Seoeun

    Cinematography by
    김태수/KIM, Tae Soo

    Edited, graded, Storyboard by
    김시연/ Kim, Siyeon

    1st Assistant Director
    조정찬/CHO, Jung Chan

    1st Assistant Photography
    차영재/CHA, Young Jae

    Script by
    조미혜/CHO, Mihye

    Costume Designer by
    함현주/HAM, Hyun Joo

    Make up
    이누리/LEE, Nuri

    Boom Operator
    곽기남/GWAK Ginam


    정다현/JEONG, Dahyun

    Goyang Ouliminuri Swimming Pool
    Korea Creative Content Agency


    김정현/KIM, Jeong Hyun
    류기상/RYU, Kisan
    이채경/LEE, Chae Kyung
    김윤주/KIM, Yoon-ju
    Swiming Women
    원명아/Won Myung-a
    이민희/LEE, Min Hee
    이은희/LEE, Eun Hee

    A Film by
    A Film by

    어쩌면 계절의 힘.
    6월의 비 냄새에 섞여서 찾아 온,
    그리움과 공백의 시간이 겹쳐서 나타난 묘한 감정.

    창주와 그를 사랑했던 사람들.
    형우와 연희의 삶에 위안과 같은 다른 무언가가 있었더라면 결말은 조금 달라졌을까?

    물 아래, 삶이 마무리되는 시간. 그 시간에 우리는 거기에 함께 있었습니다.

    꿈과 현실, 환상과 자각, 삶과 죽음의 본질에 대한 강렬한 기억의 모습이었고
    죽음에 대한 공포와 강박의 또 다른 모습이었고
    동시에, 두려움을 떨칠 수 없으면서 죽음에 이르는 고통을 지켜보고 있는 우리 안의 관음증이었습니다.


    Yeon-hee always thought that there should be a reason to die.
    She did not know that it was so easy to die.

    Yeon-hee, a woman activating swimming who came out of the water was older than when you imagined moving in the water. Still beautiful.
    People are gossiping behind her.
    She pretends not to be, but she gets hurt

    Yeon-Hee's son died in a swimming pool in France.
    Time has passed since her son died.
    The police assumed it was suicide.
    But she believed it might have been an accident.

    She arrived at her house,
    She is waiting for someone.

    The door opens and a charming young man stands at the door.
    Yeon-hee tells him about her son, Changjoo,
    For the first time, she has confessed her inward words.

    She leads him to bed.

    Her memory keeps getting erased. So she decided to die.
    He embraces her.
    She is sleeping nicely.
    He looks at her and quietly leaves her.

    Who was Hyung woo?
    Was he actually in the place? love.jpg