KIM Siyeon

    © 2009-2023

    a film by Siyeon Kim
    Producer Seoeun Park
    Screenplay Eun Bak Siyeon KIM

    24th Busan International Film Festival, Busan, Korea 2019

    MENTION SPÉCIALE DU JURY 심사위원상, Le palmarès la quatrième édition du 360 Film Festival
    SATIS Screen4All 360 Film Festival, Paris, France, 2019
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    The 13th Frankfurt International LICHTER Film Festival will take place from the 21th to the 26th of April 2020 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany 2020

    18th Florence Korea Film Fest, Florence in Tuscany Region, Italy 2020
    18th FKFF 2020 go on

    18th edition for 8 days from May 21(Thursday) to May ~ 29 (Friday) 2020.


    A young man named Jiwoong is a factory worker. Unbeknownst to him, he diligently works completely unaware about how miserable and unsafe his working conditions are. He thinks that all he has to do is keep working hard.
    Industrial accidents. Jiwoong believes that this is something he shouldn’t worry about as they are unlikely to happen to him.

    Mall buildings like a matchbox, Factorys like a den. In the society, décalcomanie

    성냥갑 같은 상가건물과 소굴과 같은 공장... 벌집의 데칼 코마니인 이 사회에서 우리는 어디로 가야하는 것일까?

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    Date | Oct.5th(Sat)19:00~22:00 Venue | TBRHaeundae
    Host | Barunsonco.,ltd.
    The VR cine Party, the place for information exchange among business people related to immersive media, will be presented with VR awards and demonstration programs for four of the best works of the year.

    Date | Oct.4th(Fri)~Oct.11th(Fri),10:00~18:00
    Venue | BusanCinemaCenter,1FBIFFHILL
    Host | BusanInternationalFilmFestival&Barunsonco.,ltd.,Unity
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    SATIS Screen4All Film Festival, Paris, France 경쟁부문 2019 go on